The Great British Weather and The Great British Weddings: Summer Ceremony Solutions
 Advice cards from  Dimitria Jordan

Advice cards from Dimitria Jordan

Another weekend, another barn, another wedding. Summer is when the wedding hype ramps to monumental levels - at best, it seems intense, and at worst, it seems inescapable. Many couples in the country opt for a summer wedding (49% according to, but that's not to say they're without their difficulties. If you're worrying about your upcoming summertime nuptials, we're here to help. We've compiled the most pressing problems, and the ways around them. Nothing is unsolvable, so don't worry - we'll manage it, and get you the day of your dreams (and not your wet ones, either)!

The Great British Weather - the wet

So, theoretically, summer weddings should be sunny and thus safe, right? This summer has already proven that completely wrong, with torrential rainpour so bad that festivals have cancelled. So, what happens if your fairweather festivities are forecast for rain? 

Have a back-up plan. If your ceremony is outside, make sure you have an inside space that can be transformed quickly if the weather turns sour. This is something your venue should be able to help with, or, if you want, an external on-the-day coordinator, who can be fixing that all very quickly behind the scenes whilst you're getting ready in front of the scenes. An hour before the below photo was taken, the rain was bouncing off the ground and Plan B had been put into motion - the indoor ceremony plan - before the sun came out and Charlotte from Redamancy Wedding Planning quickly shifted everything back outside!

Warn your guests if it's an outside venue. Advise them on their invite to avoid stilettos and let them know that trainers and wellies may not only be accepted but encouraged. That way, guests will have much less to complain about if the weather goes south - if their feet are dry, a little bit of rain won't stop the party!

Look into umbrellas. Brollybucket hire out umbrellas for weddings that are both sturdy and stylish, and problem-solving! Have stocks there for your guests. Take the rain in your stride, and incorporate umbrellas into your wedding photos, with rainbow coloured options making a great memento.

If your dress doesn't come with a bustle, look into getting one sewn in, or a finger loop or wristlet. Aside from stopping people from curtailing your flow on the dance floor, it means you can swan around without worrying about your hem getting wet or dirty. If you have a walk outside to get from where you're getting ready to the top of the aisle, hitch your dress up and get one of your bridesmaids to undo the bustle just before you enter the ceremony. Just bear in mind, your dress might crease depending on the fabric!

The Great British Wedding - The Warm

If your summer wedding is warm - great! Well done you, you played the game and you won. However, the sun can carry it's own set of minor problems too, so just bear these in mind!

Consider the weather when you're looking for your dress. If you want a heavy number with lots of layers, why not set the date for a couple of months earlier or later instead? Light, breezy, boho styles suit warm weddings perfectly, like this gorgeous Camellia dress from Luna Bride.

Think about your underwear options. If your dress is strapless or backless or anything-less it's probably going to require some form of 'solution', which is the polite name they give unfamiliar, alien-looking silicon bits and bobs that are necessary to hold our familiar and non-alien looking bits and bobs in place. At dress fittings, you'll need to take your underwear with you, so by the time the day comes round the bra or cups may have lost some of their stick. Add this to sweat, lots of hugging and plenty of dancing, and they may lose a lot of their stick. Keep alcohol wipes and physio tape nearby, as both of them can bring back the stick. Alcohol wipes act as a cleaner to restore them back to their former stick unaffected by sweat, and physio tape can reinforce their stick.

Drink plenty of water. Yes, we know we sound like your mum, but it's so easily done - if you're nervous and excited and a little bit more nervous and excited on top of that, you're not going to be avidly watching your H2O intake. You might not be able to stomach much food, and will most likely want a glass of bubbles or two with your bride tribe - but if it's blazing sunshine outside, this isn't going to go well! Hydration is key, kids - just make sure you're not going to pass out on the aisle, ok?

Related to the above - prepare to wear sunscreen on your big day if you're getting married outside. Aside from looking like a lobster on your wedding photos and getting burns that resemble your wedding dress (which would be a unique way to immortalise it), it could carry many more serious implications. 

And related to the above which was in turn related to the above - consider the make-up you're using on your big day. If the face make-up used has SPF in it, it will reflect the light of any flash photography that is used, meaning your face will most likely look a different colour to your body. Discuss with your photographer whether flash is really necessary or whether they can make the most of the natural light.

Our major advice though, regardless of the rain or the shine, is don't worry and enjoy it. You're going to have such a fab day that a little bit of rain won't dampen anyone's spirits or memories - they're just going to remember how incredible you looked and how incredible you are! 

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