The Venue Search Begins

You’ve recently got engaged, had the party and fallen totally head over heels in love with your engagement ring. Now it’s time to get down to business and start planning your wedding day. Be excited and prepared for the best adventure ever. 

Finding your wedding venue is one of the first decisions to make about your wedding. It can be a daunting task and a very important decision to make therefore it should be researched and thought about in a calm and considerate way. This blog post will help you start the process and give you some ideas for what to look for in your dream wedding venue. 

As an Indie Bride looking for the potential in a wedding venue, don’t just look at the venue brochure at past weddings and settle for that, go beyond and make it as individual as you are. 

Let’s start by  brainstorm types of Wedding Venues to get those creative juices flowing…

  • Barn
  • Tipi 
  • Marquee
  • Warehouse
  • Stately Home
  • Brewery
  • Woodland
  • Church 
  • Museum
  • Greenhouse
  • Boat
  • Registry Office
  • Pub 
  • Art Gallery

Ahh, as you can see, the list is endless! Take a look at online Venue Directory’s to find out more about specific venues and locations. However, before you get buried in the depths of a venue search here are And so to Wed’s top 10 things to think about when picking that dream venue. 

Photos || Canal Mills, Highfield House, Kingshill Barn, London Pub Weddings, Petersham Nurseries, Totem Tipi

1. Size

The first thing to consider when choosing your wedding venue is the size. How many guests are you going to invite to the ceremony and evening reception? You need to find a venue with the right capacity. (Note: Venues are strict with capacity numbers so don’t just think you squeeze in those extra people).

2. Budget

Is the venue within your budget? Bear in mind that the hire price for the venue may include catering, decor, a wedding coordinator at some venues and not at other, weigh up all the hidden costs before committing. An empty barn, for example, may be cheaper to hire but the cost to hire toilets, generators and possibly lighting can all creep into your budget. 

3. When

What season of the year do you imagine yourself getting married in? A winter wedding can feel cosy and romantic so finding a venue that can reflect this is going to be key. Likewise, a summer festival wedding needs plenty of outdoor space. 

Most venues offer discounts for mid-week weddings, worth thinking about if you really, really must have that venue but the budget is a little tight. 

4. Ceremony and Reception

Would you like the ceremony and reception at the same venue or separate? For example, a church wedding followed by a marquee reception. Consider the distance between them for guests to travel between. Also, you don’t want to be travelling for an hour out of your wedding day. You want to celebrate and not be sitting in traffic! 

5. Location 

Think about the logistics of the venue. Is it close to home? Where will you get ready on the morning of the wedding? Is it far for people to travel to? 

6. Exclusivity

It goes without saying that you want exclusivity on your wedding day. Check this with the venue especially larger hotels where multiple wedding rooms are available. If the venue isn’t exclusive to you on your wedding day, not to worry, entrance signs and decor could be used to make a fuss of the entrance to your wedding so guests are aware they are in the right place. 

7. Accommodation

A bonus to any venue is if there is accommodation for you and your wedding guests. It does just make the logistic planning so much smoother. Guests don’t need to worry about taxis and therefore more relaxed to enjoy the after party. 

8. Style

What style of wedding would you like? The venue can influence the style of your wedding massively. For example, a tipi wedding is a much more relaxed and informal day than a stately home wedding. An ornate stately home wedding oozes elegance, grandeur and often the ceremony rooms are adorned with beautifully crafted historical artefacts. We’re dreaming Downton, Pride and Prejudice and the romance of Mr Darcy. On the total other end of the wedding style spectrum is a tipi. Nestled in a woodland with the smell of a fire pit in the air, lies a very different wedding style. A boho vibe, still elegant, but with a rustic tone and much more playful than the more traditional venue. 

9. Catering

The food is one of the main aspects of your wedding day to pack a punch. When choosing a wedding venue look at the food options on offer as well as the drinks. Some venues have set menus, others have nominated caters which are great. By choosing a nominated caterer you can rest easy knowing that the kitchen set up and services will be reliable and run without any hiccups. Alternatively, another way to really make your venue indie is to source your own catering or even food trucks. Take a look at our latest Food Truck post for some inspiration. 

10. Trust your gut

You might get a feeling instantly about a venue. Something just feels right or it’s a place that has special meaning to you with an emotional connection. It could be the local church or a venue you visited on one of your first dates. If you’re lucky enough to feel this way towards a venue, trust your gut and go for it.

The list of questions to ask your venue can be endless and dependant on the venue. We’ve put together a FREE download to help you with your search. It can be found here. You’re very welcome. Wishing you all the bets on your adventure.


February 26, 2018 by andsotoshop Admin

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