The Wedit: Hull's Hometown Glory

And now, the end is near…and so I face, the final curtain. My friends, I'll say it clear: I'll state my case, of which I'm certain. I've lived a life that's full… I've travelled each and every highway…

Unlike Frank Sinatra, one highway I’ve travelled muchly is the beloved M62/A63 to good ol’ Kingston-upon-Hull. With a paternal family that are West Hull village born and bred through and through, it seemed only fair that I do a Wedit of the plethora of wedding wonders that Hull has to offer. With many, many thanks to the wonderful ASTW team responsible for the amazing Newcastle, Essex and LeedsSupplier Edits, here’s the culmination of our efforts. And So To Wed Supplier Lowdown: The Hull Edition.

Cluskey Smith - Wedding Photographers

Alex and Jenni are the most incredible photographers with an incredible style that can only come naturally to the truly talented: they’re uninvasive, candid storytellers who are really perfecting a craft of narrating your love story. Having said that, you wouldn’t mind if they were invasive, because they’re so much fun and really lovely people to boot. Their natural style of photography ensures they capture all the best moments, both the ones you would hope they would snap and those you wouldn’t even know existed to snap – such is the beauty of their styling. You can catch stolen glances, brief handtouches and second-long facial expressions during the speeches with Cluskey Smith that you would never have been able to relive otherwise.

Ghost Orchid Bride

I cannot tell you how much of a fangirl I am of Ghost Orchid Bride. When I stumbled across them on instagram and immediately mashed that follow like due to their insanely cool persona, I literally didn’t believe that the Hessle in their location could be my Hessle, a 10 minute drive from where I grew up, the same quaint town I worked my college waitressing job in. That very same Hessle it is. Stocking the coolest dresses I have ever seen, Ghost Orchid Bridal is THE place to be for cool brides who aren’t interested in boring frippery but want full on bad-ass babery. They stock dreamy brands such as Odylene the Ceremony and Chantel Lauren, bringing that American heat to the East Coast (of England…), and also feature the most coveted of trunk shows like the incredible Alexandra Grecco (some of which are exclusive to the UK!). The owner Katey is also über cool and down-to-earth, making it truly a most comfortable environment to try and find the dress you’ve always visualised – or the one that’s even better, plus incredible accessories. What more could you want?


I don't mean to brag but up North we're awash with country houses and stately homes, and enough historical beauty that we could shake several sticks at it. However, if you want a wedding venue with amazing history but also warehouse vibes and an awesome craft beer selection, then FRüIT down Humber Street is your place to go. It's the cornerstone of the new Hull scene: relaxed and laidback, but something you can totally make your own. We love the blank space - it's so exciting! 

Hello Baker Girl

Hullensians and beyond, let me introduce you to Bea, the creative genius behind Hello Baker Girl. Say hello, and then say ‘take all my money, Bea, you incredible cake maker you!’. Bea’s cakey creations are out of this world – one look at her portfolio shows she has an incredible breadth of culinary talent, able to absolutely nail any baking trend that comes her way. She experiments with colour and every latest trend that happens on Instagram before you’ve even logged in on a morning – she’s just that good. Not only that, but her cakes even taste as pretty as they look (the importance of which I think sometimes gets sadly forgotten nowadays), being the queen of a mean chocolate mud cake. Her baking repertoire extends to gooey brownies in loooads of difference flavours (anyone fancy a rose, pistachio and Turkish delight Brownie? Or Jack Daniels, Candied Bacon, Maple and Nuts?), showing she knows her mixers. 

Victoria Whincup Illustration

If you’ve ever wanted to know what you’d look like as an entirely virtuous carefree hero fighting the boring ‘normal’, Victoria Whincup can show you. Victoria’s beautiful handpainted stationery designs are sights to behold, and her bespoke commissioned portraits, for the front of stationery suites, are out of this world. I love how she brings couples’ characters to live by really listening to their life stories and drawing on that to paint them on the paper – the characters always look like they’re enjoying the ride and want you to enjoy the party. Which, of course, is exactly what you want a wedding invite to do…

Bespoke Vintage Castle

Sparkle, glitz and glamour are just three of the many strings to Betty's bow - the mastermind behind Bespoke Vintage Castle, her beautiful, bespoke handmade accessories are sure to make you feel incredible. Whatever your design brief, Betty is able to make something completely unique - just look at this starry veil we're crushing over!

Emma Jo Stationery


Ok, so they’re south of the river – but we still think they’re pretty wonderful. We adore Emma Jo’s anniversary print in all of its gorgeous designy simplicity – gold foil, clean lines, and all the important necessary information. It also matches beautifully with their mini ticket place cards, which are a million miles away from the cliché and instead a beautiful hark back to golden olden days of real post and romantic dial up phone calls, on thick card and with chunky type. As we say in Hull, we leeeeerv them.

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