There's nothing wrong with loving everything

The other day, I had a bride who brought in with her a real-life, full on scrapbook. She Half apologised as she proffered it, unwrapping the ribbon and showing me all the snippets collated inside. And. I. Loved IT. It was so amazing to see her process of design and planning from start to present and see how her inspiration grew and changed along the way. I told her in no uncertain terms that her apology was to be taken back immediately and that I adored the scrapbook time.


It led me onto thinking about how we approach things we’re enthusiastic about. Often if we’re enthusiastic about something, we’re told to calm down or to at least tone it down. In more sincere scenarios we’re told to leave it out and in the most sincere scenarios we’re told to let It go completely. Sometimes, this is practical advice, but sometimes, it’s just pure old parade-raining, and I don’t like that at all – the only rain we allow around here is your reign as owner of the best wedding everrrrr.


I’m not here to preach to you about the virtues of gratitude journaling, the right amount of sleep or infusion tea as we’re not a personal lifestyle blog and never ever will be (though all of those are worth investigating in your time if you so fancy), but a personal note I want to highlight is loving everything and loving it large. This applies to weddings more than anything: your wedding is a whole celebration of your love individually for one another and your love together as a unified couple. It is literally a day celebrating love. And though it’s obviously primarily and most importantly celebrating those two things, it’s also celebrating your love generally – for your life together so far, for your future together, and for everything you hold dearest.


Which brings me full circle (love it when a plan comes together…). Sit down with your partner and have a chat about what you both feel are the most important things to be reflected on your wedding day. This will be a really warm and fuzzy moment anyway (a substitute date night if you will, a welcome break in between all the invoices and the RSVP lists), as you’ll just be recalling your favourite memories together so far. Then, if you and your partner have about seven million different things that strike you as very ‘you’ or symbolise key parts of your journey, don’t feel like you can’t involve them all in your wedding. They may seem like themes that are worlds apart but they all join in under the conglomerate theme of you guys, and what else actually matters?! Your day should be all about you, and what you enjoy – all of what you enjoy. So if you’re finding it difficult to cut down on themes or you’ve run out of dream elements that are negotiable, keep them all in.


Even if the elements are the weirdest things ever – be it tequila, Tolkien or taxidermy – make them an amazing focal point of the day. Construct your theming around them, or incorporate them into your table plan. Not only will your day feel like your day at the time, but it’ll age effortlessly in the future too: rather than following the décor du jour, you will have had a day that focuses on a timeless friendship.


So, to cut a long story short: there’s nothing wrong with loving everything. Let everything inspire you and let it all come together on your beautiful day, without feeling like you need a static theme that everything must prescribe to – and never underestimate how much a wedding professional is going to enjoy and appreciate poring over your wedding scrapbook with you! 


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August 04, 2017 by andsotoshop Admin

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