This Markles The End Of Princess Dreams Everywhere

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 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged


We cried when Eva Mendes took Ryan Gosling off the market, cursed any of the models who Bradley Cooper chose to date over us, and felt slightly broken when even the perpetual bachelor, George Clooney, tied the knot. But Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle really seems to have struck a chord with the female population as the end of an era. An era of us taking an extremely vested interest in his love life, constantly following his newest squeeze on Instagram (Cressida Bonas still lurks in my ‘top searches’) and planning our London escapades around his regular haunts. Or is that one just me?!

There’s something about the fact he is British royalty, without the responsibility of taking the throne in years to come, coupled with his down-to-earth nature and love of a good McDonalds, that makes Harry Mountbatten-Windsor (quite the mouthful!) such a lovable rogue.

Which explains why, a year ago, the media world broke when news aired that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, US actress best known for her role as Rachel Zayn in the legal drama Suits, were dating. At first, a bit like the rumours surrounding Cheryl and Liam Payne, we were in disbelief. Where did they meet?! She still lived in Los Angeles and him in London, could they really be dating?! Would HRH approve?!

Like most gossip surrounding celebrity pairings, we waited for it to be outed and doubted or to fade into the distance altogether. And yet in September this year they were officially spotted together holding hands. It was confirmed. Albeit by The Daily Mail, but the showbiz section is usually reliable enough. A year of scepticism, and gently stalking the aforementioned Cressida for a hint of a bitter Insta post, passed and soon followed pictures of Meghan going about her regular business sans jeans or denim of any kind - which most Royal enthusiasts rushed to tell us meant that an engagement was very much on the way. Apparently, the same happened right before Wills proposed to Kate, although I think I missed the memo on that one.

True to the enthusiasts’ word, this week it was announced that the very meaning of #couplegoals was now going to be #weddinggoals. And predictably the UK and the US went a little bit crazy, with the main question on everyone’s lips being “will we get a bank holiday?” Although this is yet to be confirmed, the wedding date has been set and will be sometime during March-May 2018 to avoid coinciding with the birth of William and Kate’s third child. So maybe it’s about time to stop imagining myself as Charlotte Mountbatten-Windsor, and just fantasise about planning their wedding instead.

And so, without further rambling - and pining - from myself, let’s take a look at what their wedding may look like in a mere matter of months. If you’re getting married next year then take note as we dish the dirt on all the trends to expect in 2018!

Flirty Florals

“Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” Claimed Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, but whether you care to believe me or not, Spring 2018 will showcase florals like you have never seen them before. We’re waving goodbye to the likes of Peonies and David Austin Roses and welcoming teeny weeny whimsical wildflowers with open arms instead! Pastel shades of the prettiest meadow flowers around will be weaving their way into wedding stationery suites, being fashioned into sugared flowers atop wedding cakes, and being beckoned into bountiful bouquets. So we wouldn’t be surprised if Harry and Meghan’s Royal wedding perhaps featured some floral bridesmaid dresses for her undoubtedly glam group of girlfriends.

Hello Yellow

Pantone’s colour of the year always directs design choices in all creative industries. And even though the official colour is yet to be announced for 2018 (stay tuned for January, guys!) it is widely believed that yellow will at least make the top 3. And it’s mustard yellow that’s leading the style stakes for the world of weddings. So don’t be surprised if burnt yellow candles and other decorative elements feature heavily at the Royal Wedding as it competes to be the most fashionable celebration of all time. Or just as highly anticipated, the queen may rock the frock in this delightful hue too!

Dessert Tables

So these may not necessarily be a new concept on the wedding scene but they are about to take on a whole new level of importance in weddings going forward. Cake tables have recently established themselves as a core part of wedding design, standing proud in your venue’s reception area, setting the stage for the evening ahead. And the beauty of these tables is that anything can be used and incorporated to match your wedding colour scheme. Macarons, meringues, mini cupcakes and marshmallows (practically anything beginning with an ‘m’...) have all been staples of such displays and they’re only going to get bigger and better from now on. With the culinary contacts that the Royal family have, as well as jam roly poly being amongst Harry’s favourite dishes, it’s a likely fact that Harry and Meghan’s big day will come complete with a dessert table to rival all dessert tables.

 Gorgeous cake table by  The Whimsical Cake Company

Gorgeous cake table by The Whimsical Cake Company

And there we have it! A trend forecast to whet everyone’s appetites for the next wedding season. Obviously these are just predictions and there is no way to be sure of what ‘Merry’ (Meghan and Harry, I went there…) will actually plump for until the big day itself! But this isn’t just about what I think! If you were marrying Prince Harry what would you include in your big day? Let us know in the comments below!

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