Top 30 Valentine's Day Dates

The countdown to ‘V Day’ has well and truly begun this week. The shops are becoming cluttered with teddies, hearts and over the top gifts declaring love in the loudest of voices. For those of you who think valentines day is a commercial milestone in the calendar, I ask you, what else are doing on a Wednesday on a February? Exactly my point, sometimes its just nice to make a fuss, spoil your other half and tell someone again just how much you love them. You can never say it enough. From elaborate date nights to a cosy night in on the sofa with an M&S meal for two deal - you know which I mean - whatever you’re planning, plan to spend some quality time together. 

To warm you up for the Valentines Day marathon we thought we’d brainstorm some romantic Valentines Day dates for you, the indie couple, planning your wedding day. So here goes, our list of top 30 V-Day plans for inspiration. 

1. A romantic dinner

There’s a reason why this is a valentines day cliche and that’s because everyone loves food!

2. Cinema

Again, simple, classic date night. Always a winner. 

3. Bowling

Move over Fred Flintstone - bowling can either be a real giggle at how bad you are or it can be the most competitive of sports. Which couple are you?

4. Stay In with takeaway

Keep it humble, save on the washing up and get a takeaway.

5. Netflix Marathon 

Hair in a messy bun, pjs on and hanging on the sofa with your favourite TV series together.

6. Cookery class

Learn a new skill with many cookery classes available from sushi classes to learning butchery skills. 

7. Wine tasting

Stay classy, or pretend to be, with a sophisticated wine tasting session. 

8. Gin tasting 

For those of you who aren’t wine connoisseurs, try gin instead! 

9. A cosy coffee

Meet at your favourite coffee shop. I guarantee your latte art will be heart-shaped. 

10. Lunch date

If you’re both working in the same city, go for a lunch date to brighten up your day at work.

11. Picnic - indoor or outdoor

Eat on a rug, inside or out for a cute picnic together with all your favourite foods. 

12. Trampolining 

For the energetic couple, trampolining can be so much fun and you work up a real sweat. You won’t believe how much you laugh too. 

13. Gym date

Stay fit and work out together. 

14. Indoor Skydiving 

A fun date for the thrill seeker couples.

15. Climbing wall

For the outdoor sporty couples looking for a challenging Valentine’s date. 

16. Take the dog for a walk together

Part of your daily routine made a little more special just by being together with the dog.

17. Mini/crazy golf

These venues are popping up all over the country. Disused warehouse spaces converted into urban crazy golf. Very hipster, very indie and a perfect Valentine’s Day date. 

18. Spa

Relax together, take time out from wedding planning and de-stress. 

19. Weekend away 

Get whisked away on a romantic mini break. Stay in a boutique hotel and be tourists for the weekend. 

20. Escape rooms

Teamwork makes dream work - escape rooms are fun and test your teamwork skills as a couple.

21. Massage class

A great Valentines Day date and a chance to learn a new skill that will come in handy for your honeymoon. 

22. Chocolate making class

No one can say no to chocolate.

23. Geocaching

Get outdoors, use your phone’s GPS and discover little geocache containers all over the world. 

24. Go to a gig

Get tickets to your favourite music gig. 

25. A visit to your wedding venue

Get excited about your wedding day by going on a date to your wedding venue, either for a walk, dinner or an overnight stay. 

26. A night in doing wed-min

Ok, so it might not be that romantic doing wed min but it’s something you can do together. Grab a glass of wine and a box of heart-shaped chocolates and get brainstorming some ideas together. 

27. Zoo or safari park

A perfect date for the animal-loving couple. Some zoos also do ‘zoo lates’, which is exactly as it says. 

28. Planetarium 

Recreate the scene in La La Land and visit a planetarium to stare at the stars together. “City of stars…”

29. Bake

Bake your own Valentine’s Day cake together.

30. Finally…watch a horror film

If you’re both really not feeling the Valentine’s Day vibes, watch a horror. Nothing is more romantic than a slasher movie. 

And breathe…you’re welcome, that’s our Top 30 Valentine’s Day dates. If you have any more Valentine’s Day date ideas, we’d love to hear them and so would our brides and grooms out there who need some inspiration to surprise their fiancé. Stay tuned for more Valentine's Day ideas and gifts over the next week. 

I often hear couples say they don’t celebrate Valentines Day not even with a card and quite frankly I think it’s a tiny bit miserable. Please don’t be those people. Get online And so to Shop and order your loved ones something to make their Valentine’s Day that bit special.

February 07, 2018 by andsotoshop Admin

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