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Researching wedding bands can send you round in circles at times. Do you book a live band? What songs do they play? How do I know if this DJ is any good? All good questions that need answering when planning your wedding day music. Ahh but fear not, we've thought about this and got some sound advice from a wedding music expert - meet Adam from Bands For Hire. We asked him for his top advice to help you choose your wedding band. Don't have your head spinning, just focus on planning those dance moves because Bands For Hire can help you find the dream wedding band for your day. 

About Bands For Hire

I founded Bands For Hire back in 2010 after running a function band for almost 10 years. Now in our eighth year, we're close-knit team of four and currently book around 3000 events each year. I’m passionate about running an agency that doesn’t skimp on talent - rather than sign up every band under the sun, we only work with those who show an exceptional level of talent and professionalism  -after all, it’s our reputation on the line.

When couples land on our website, they can instantly see what we’re about. Our simple layout is geared towards creating a fuss-free user experience, and that is the essence of our company. We have an organised booking system that ensures every booking is effectively managed so couples can feel 100% at ease with the service right up to the big day.

What should brides consider when choosing a band for their wedding?

Deciding on a wedding band can be a sticking point for even the most pro-active of couples. With so many variables such as repertoire, vocals, experience and band size; wading through the onslaught of bands presented by Google can be a weeks work on it’s own (we should know!).

The first thing to consider is location; searching for bands in your local area is a great place to start, if like many couples, budget is an issue to factor in. If you don’t have barrels of time on your hands then heading for an agency website like Bands For Hire will make things a lot easier, as most of the hard work has already been done for you. 

Once you have a shortlist of bands that fit the bill, it’s time to delve deeper into the nitty gritty. Do the band cover a range of genres that will suit your guests? Do the set times offered fit in with your schedule? Will the band fit into the venue space available and are they able to work with the venue’s requirements? Are they represented by a respected agency, or otherwise, do they have positive reviews and testimonials available? If you can’t see any online, then feel free to drop them an email.

What are the most popular formats for couples on their wedding day?

Our most popular line-ups are 3-piece and 4-piece wedding bands covering a range of genres. The majority of professional wedding bands will offer a package to cater for the whole evening which means that sound system, lighting and playlists are included in the package price. Bands will usually offer 2 x 60 or 3 x 40 minute sets spread over the latter period of the evening - a 9pm start is usually ideal, especially if you’re going to get those stragglers up on the dance floor as well! 

What can couples expect to pay for a band?

Prices can fluctuate so much from band to band, but as a general rule, I’d estimate costs somewhere like the following:

    •    Acoustic Duo or duo with backing tracks - £500 - £700

    •    3-piece band - £900 - £1100

    •    4-piece band - £1100 - £1750+

    •    5-piece band - £1300 - £2000+

Individual quotes do vary considerably and this is usually down to travel costs, day of the week and time of year. Peak summer dates will be the most expensive as they are in such high demand - many popular bands could book peak Saturdays out ten times over!

What are the advantages of having a wedding band over a DJ?

I think having a live band really adds to the sense of occasion, when a band is ready to rock out, the audience are definitely more inclined to join them. Having said that, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with hiring a DJ, we work with lots of talented DJs around the UK and with the right mixture of skill and personality, you’re bound to have yourself a great night. 

What do couples need to ask when booking a band?

Hopefully most of your queries will be answered in the band/agency’s initial quote, but otherwise, here are a few to get you going!

    •    How long will the band play for?

    •    Does the band include playlists or DJ sets throughout the evening?

    •    Will the band learn our first dance? - Most do but there are some that either don’t learn songs or charge extra

    •    Are costs fully inclusive of travel expense? 

    •    Does the band need meals and soft drinks - usually a contactual requirement for function bands

    •    Do you have Public Liability Insurance? - All wedding bands should have this

In addition to this, it’s good to get some advice from your venue before you begin your search as many venues will have sound regulations in place. Ask the venue if they have a sound limiter or specific requirements and if they do, always include these in your enquiries. Some bands just won’t be able to work with sound limiters.


Thank you Adam for your top wedding band advice! Couple's getting married out there, bookmark this page and get in touch with Bands For Hire to help you find that perfect wedding band to get the party started. No bums on seats guaranteed, everyone is hitting that dance floor now you've found the perfect wedding 

If you're struggling with deciding your first dance songs, then check out our blog post Top 50 Dance Songs for some inspiration. Let us know what you decide. 

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