Using Scent In Weddings

‘Inexorably linked to memory, fragrance can enrich your day
for years to come'

We love fragrance in all forms. Be it a perfume, a delicious candle or the smell of the air after a storm, fragrances have an ability to make lasting memories for years to come. So, to us it seems perfectly natural for you to want to fragrance your big day. And yet, so many people don't do it! We're here to change that...

When considering the ways you can add fragrance to your day, there are some pointers to follow. Firstly, bear in mind you don’t want to create an atmosphere where your fragrances will overpower your florals or compete with the delicious food you’ll be serving.

Secondly, Remember to choose a fragrance that complements your day and pairs well with your colours and the season. For instance, summer fragrances tend to be lighter, where as in autumn and winter, you can add a heavier fragrance, although that is entirely down to personal choice!  One of our best sellers for spring/summer is our blend #Two Pink Champagne & Pomelo. For autumn, our blend #Twenty Two is a gorgeous blend of dark rich berries, exotic woods with a delectable hint of sweet and creamy Madagascan vanilla – think velvets and rich autumnal colours or a winter wonderland.

With that in mind, now how can you add scent to your wedding?

 Boho Wedding With Tea Lights
  • Our fragranced tea lights will add some fragrance and sparkle to your day without overpowering the venue.  You can choose from the standard tealights or go for a larger tealight with a longer burn time. Or add a couple of our larger metallic range to your table, which is available in gold, silver or rich copper. Nothing adds ambience like fragrant candles in gorgeous vessels.
  • And it doesn't even need to just be on the day itself, either. There are so many wonderful ways that you can start this fragrant journey well before the day itself by giving your guests a hint of things to come! Once the invites are complete - you’ve chosen the design and laboured over all the details inside - why not add some fragrance to them very subtly? You can store them in a box for a few days with some tissue paper that has been spritzed with your scent of the day, and you’ll be amazed at how fragrance will transfer when kept in a box!
  • The hen and stag parties can also be a fragrant affair!  Our lovely friend and expert in all things fragrant, Sally Hornsey of Plush Folly, has a range of amazing kits to get you creating your very own fragrances or recreating a fragrance that you love. Plush Folly has all that and more for your aromatic adventure! 
  • Some venues won’t allow lit candles, but don’t worry, you can still add your aroma choice by using carefully placed room diffusers. Reeds come in lots of colours and you could choose some gorgeous glassware to add fragrance in this way. So, you see, no matter which way you go it’s very possible to go on a fragrant journey right from the start!
  • Travel Tin candles make stunning table favours that can be personalised for your guests, allowing them to take home your fragrance of choice.  How wonderful for them days or weeks later to light their candle and be taken back to your magical day.  Scent really is so very powerful in evoking memories that they will be transported back, time and time again! Or, why not use fizzing bath potion with tags on? 
  • If you aren't having real flowers on your wedding, think about spraying your alternative bouquet with a scent instead. It'll be the kind of thing that'll always remind you of your day, and you may notice the absence of one if you don't have a real bouquet!
 Alternative Brooch Bouquet 

It's definitely something major to think about on your big day, so make sure you don't forget it. 

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