Wedding Lingo

As if wedding planning isn’t stressful enough, there seems to be a whole world of wedding lingo to go with it too.

It can be so confusing if you haven’t got a clue what your florist or wedding planner is going on about. That’s why today’s blog post is one to bookmark, pin and even print out for your wedding planning journal. Here, we go through all the lingo that you might come across. 

Let's lingo and learn so next time you meet your caterer you know all about corkage and don’t blush when they mention that naked cake again. 

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Wed cut - the style of wedding band where the band has a little dip in the metal so your engagement ring sits flush with it. 

Charger plates - a decorative plate used for a place setting. Usually gets taken away once the meal is served. 

Prelude - the time just before the ceremony starts and guests start arriving. It’s nice to have a little background music playing at this time to set the scene for the ceremony. 

Processional - the entrance of the wedding party into the ceremony

Recessional - the exit of the wedding party

Receiving line - a line made up of you and your wedding party to greet guests into the reception. It’s a lovely way to see everyone and thank them personally. Just keep it moving otherwise it can go on way too long. 

 Sophie and Steven - Photography by  Anete Lusina ,

Sophie and Steven - Photography by Anete Lusina,

Confetti shot - a coordinated photo where the photographer directs guests when to shower you with wedding confetti. The photos are always amazing! Mention it to your photographer before your wedding day and they will 

Order or the Day - a program of the wedding day to give to guests 

 Stationery by  Helen Scott

Stationery by Helen Scott

Carriages - end of the night, lights on and leave

First look - a private sneak peek of each other before the ceremony, a total break away from tradition. 

Dog of honour - having your pooch at your wedding can 

Sweetheart table - a top table just for the two of you. An alternative to a top table. 

Corkage - the charge to provide your own alcohol. Caterers may be happy enough for you to supply your own wine but charge a fee to keep it refrigerated and serve it. It varies depending on the caterer so always best to check. 

Naked cake - not what first comes into your mind!  A naked cake is a sponge cake without the 

Semi-naked cake - like a naked cake but with a little buttercream to cover some of the sponge. Such a tease.

Cakes by White Rose Cake Design

Canapes - small mouthfuls of yummy food. Usually served before the reception with a welcome drink. They’re cute and usually served by waiter service. 

Pimp your prosecco - personalised drinks are becoming more and more popular and we love it! A pimp your prosecco or gin station is a fab way for guests to add their own flavours and garnishes to their drinks. 

And so to Wed - Image7.jpg

Cocktail hour - the time between the reception and the evening party

Hand-tied - a style of bouquet that is made, as it says, by hand without any container. It makes it a perfect style of bouquet as it'’s easy to hold. 

Buttonhole - a tiny floral arrangement for the men’s wedding suits. It usually complements the rest of the floral decor and bouquet. 

Corsage - a small arrangement for the ladies to wear, usually the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom. 

Wedding insurance - something you should get to cover all sorts. 

 Photography by Jane Beadnell

Photography by Jane Beadnell

If you can think of any more, please share and we can add! We think this list is going to grow and grow...

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