Wedding Tattoos: It takes tat-two

It's nothing new that I don't mind tattoos. (Though it doesn't come as a surprise, it does come as a source of mild-to-major disappointment to my dad - shout out to Nick, I love you always.) However, what may be new to you is that there is a perfect crossover between that and my main love, weddings: the humble wedding tattoo.

To preface this: I'm not looking to change your mind about tattoos. If you don't like the idea of them, you probably won't like the idea of wedding tattoos, and that's ok. We're all pals here! And if you do like the idea of them, that's one hurdle already surpassed - but don't worry, I'm not about to tell you what you should get tattooed either. That happens to be one of my pet hates, so I'll steer well clear of that. If you want to get something tattooed, you should get it tattooed because you want it - not because a news outlet is bombarding you and your social media feeds with list-style articles about which tattoos you have to get NOW.

Having said that, we are a blog for inspiration, and wedding tattoo inspiration I can provide you in bucketloads. I love the idea of wedding tattoos, immortalising something incredibly beautiful forever, with something else incredibly beautiful. And with the boom of insanely talented tattoo artists seeming to live in every nook and cranny of the country and globe, you can take this really important subject matter to someone you can genuinely trust with it. No dodgy shading or wonky writing, please - do your research and find an artist who's style you adore, who's hand you trust, and most importantly who's vicinity you feel completely comfortable in - after all, they're taking care of something really personal!

So, bar the grinning face of your new life partner on your thigh or their name emblazoned in what can only be described as word art across your forehead, how could you get a tattoo that symbolised your wedding without compromising your dignity?

  • Why not follow Tom Fletcher from McFLY and get each other's initials tattooed in script on your ring finger? As we all know, Tom and his blooming' gorgeous wife Gi are the absolute goal in life, and so it's only fitting that their wedding tattoos were perfect too. As Tom is a vocalist and guitar player in McFLY, he sometimes has to remove his wedding ring to play. So that he always had something to symbolise his wedding, Tom has a "G" written in flowing script on his ring finger. And even if your newlywed isn't the face of one of the country's most famous recent boybands (and who are we to say they're not?!), a lot of jobs necessitate that rings are removed for safety reasons. This is a really great way of keeping that symbol there. Similarly, a simple line tattooed around the base of your ring finger to represent your wedding band can work really effectively.
  • If locations and times are important to you, why not get the date of your actual marriage and the coordinates of its location tattooed on you? 
  • If your partner is up for getting a tattoo as well, why not get a set? Some matching sets can look twee, but some can look great too - for example, each of you could get half of a heart tattooed on the outer edge of your thumb, so that when you put your hands together, they come together to form a full heart. Or, one of you get an X and one of you get an O, so that together you make a full house.
  • Particularly poignant readings lend themselves well to wedding tattoos - why not get some of the words from that inked? Have the words that cemented your together forever as a permanent reminder of what you've promised each other.
  • Or, if there's a certain element of your day that sticks out as an iconic memory, use that to inspire you. It doesn't need to be a carbon copy of a full scene that you remember as clearly as the light of day, but instead just one thing that you always remember. It may be the feeling of you slipping your hands in each others at the ceremony, an element of the decor of the day, or even a symbol or pattern that you've associated with your wedding from the very start with your stationery suite. Approach your tattoo artist with pictorial evidence and the ability to explain what it is about it that's so powerful to you, and see what magic they can create.
  • Yes, you could get your wedding flowers pressed, preserved, or passed on - but why not get them printed on your skin? I've been following Gabby Colledge on instagram for ages now - as aforementioned, I'm partial to a tattoo and even more partial to an incredible tattoo artist who is s l a y i n g the game - and I absolutely adored this floral design she did. It's actually the groom's wedding flowers, which he's had tattooed on his arm as a memento always with him. I adore this idea - flora and fauna are excellent tattoo subject matter anyway, but this one is just above and beyond. 
 Pocket wedding flowers on @westgl by @gabbycolledge

Pocket wedding flowers on @westgl by @gabbycolledge

So, what are you wedding for? Are you and your betrothed going to go under the needle? Let us know what you get - or what you already have got, if you're way ahead of the curve!

August 02, 2017 by andsotoshop Admin

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