What Your Wedding Planner Should Be Like: With Helen Davies

Wedding Planning is becoming much more popular nowadays with everyday couples, and that’s because it’s much better understood. What was once regarded as either something only for the elite and opulent palatial weddings, or as just an add-on as part of a venue package is now seen as much more accessible for every couple and every kind of wedding. Wedding planners don’t have to be yammering into a headset, they don’t have to control every bit of your styling, and they don’t have to be an extravagant expense. What should they be?

Well, in two words, Helen Davies. You may have seen Helen on the wedding circuit – a sharp peroxide blonde bob, a big smile, and a penchant for getting things done. After spending four years as the wedding planner at Rise Hall – living, breathing and sleeping the success of the gorgeous stately home as a luxury wedding venue – Helen is launching her own wedding planning and consultancy service, simply called With Helen Davies. When your name is synonymous with unforgettable weddings, parties and events, why would you ever call it anything else?!

 Image by  Kazooieloki

Image by Kazooieloki

With Helen Davies is going to further establish Helen as the go-to person on the wedding circuit, providing planning help for couples and also consultancy for fledgling businesses in the industry. With nearly a decade’s experience, it’s the natural step – during a successful career as a manager in a FTSE 250 company, Helen was asked by a friend to assist her in planning her wedding in 2011. She loved it so much – and was received so well by the other suppliers due to her collaborative, calm and approachable attitude to work – that she decided to start up there and then.

On top of the experience and the know-how, and the ever-helpful little black book of contacts who will never let you down, what a wedding planner should do is guarantee clients a stress-free experience.  You want to be relaxing on the day and sippin’ on the bub, not panicking frantically that people aren’t doing what they said they would and when. Helen’s the exact person to do that – she’s super calming and always a giggle to have around. This may sound frivolous or like an added bonus (a “as long as they get the job done I don’t care if I like them or not” kind of mentality) but actually having a personable wedding planner that you get on with is key to the whole process running like clockwork. Instead of getting in the way of your personal vision, as you may originally fear, a wedding planner should help you realise it, and working out what your vision is the first step to doing this. Moodboards, Pinterest collaborations and buzzwords can all provide invaluable to this process but you really need a wedding planner who gets you both to really embody the vision – and this can only happen when your wedding planner and you get on as people. Her philosophy is ‘if you want it, I will do my best to make sure it happens’ and she certainly delivers.

 Image by  Joel Skingle

Image by Joel Skingle

As well as providing peace of mind that everything is under control, Helen can give you peace of pocket (and peace of pocketwatch) too – saving you money and oh-so-valuable time. Counterproductively, by adding one more person into the correspondence and paying for one extra supplier in the budget, a wedding planner can cut down on unnecessary expenditure and do all the leg work for you. This is even true of the “One Hour With Helen Davies” service, where one focused hour of exploration can eradicate tens of hours of chasing, wondering and planning. In this hour, your vision will be thoroughly explored, in order to identify priorities and give structure to your planning process, whilst also giving you the opportunity to ask questions, highlight sticking points or resolve any dilemmas that are really worrying you.

So; stress-busting, dream-realising, a right ol’ giggle, what else do you need your wedding planner to be? An expert in the field, in touch with all the best suppliers in order to cement an absolute crack squad for your day, and incredible at what they do? Case closed, my lord – bring out the dancing lobsters.

Here are Helen’s top 6 pieces of advice for brides- and grooms-to-be

 - Set a budget and stick to it

- Prioritise - focus on the 'big ticket' items first

- Don't over think it!

- Make it personal - identify the personal touches that will make your day unique

- Take time to ENJOY the day - build this into your itinerary to ensure that you have chance to step back and do not let it run away. before you know it, someone will be shouting last orders!     

- TRUST your suppliers

To see how Helen can help create your unforgettable experience, visit With Helen Davies. Find her on Facebook or drop her an email

September 25, 2017 by andsotoshop Admin