Why Easter Weddings Are Pretty Awesome

Easter weekend is so close we can smell the chocolate. A long weekend, chocolate-themed presents and cute bunnies making appearances left, right and centre. What’s not to love about Easter! With that in mind, we thought we’d share our top 5 reasons to have an Easter wedding. 

1. It’s a really long bank holiday weekend! 

Hello, 4 day weekend! With good Friday and Bank Holiday Monday cuddling the usual weekend, Easter is a mini break for most people working the 9-5 week. Perfect for you and your wedding guests to take some time to celebrate not just for the day but the entire Easter weekend with you. A festival wedding instantly springs to mind! Setting up tents for your guests to stay over, a pre-party on Friday, a tipi wedding on Saturday followed by an outdoor brunch on Sunday and a total recovery day on Bank Holiday Monday. Just putting it out there as an Easter Wedding option! 

2. Easter decor is so goddam cute!

Cadbury's mini eggs have the colour palette nailed in my opinion when it comes to Easter. Pretty, elegant pastel shades, pinks, blush, whites, duck-egg blues and calming yellows. These colours not only look good on eggs but also on actual humans and would be lovely inspiration for bridesmaid dresses. Nothing says Easter like a good egg too. Use them for decor throughout your venue, as favours, on the cake or even in your bouquet! Here are a few images for inspiration. 

Spring flowers add that punchy colour pop in any bouquet or within the grounds of a venue too. Cute snowdrops, brash daffodils and abundances of tulips would be perfect additions to your decor.

3. If you have kids or big kids - an Easter egg hunt is always amazing!

Any excuse to go an Easter egg hunt and let’s face it not every wedding will be having one of these so make the most of the opportunity. It could be a great activity to have after the ceremony and pre-reception. Give each guest a basket and leave little clues throughout the venue for them to find eggs, treats and other little presents. You’ll be amazed at how competitive it can easily become. Just make sure the kids get some eggs too before the adults pinch them all! 

Maybe a tad too far, but get someone to dress up as the Easter Bunny! An Usher duty to fight over. 

 Photography by  kerrie mitchell photography  |

Photography by kerrie mitchell photography |

4. Spring means lighter days and usually, better weather. 

I say this as snow has been forecast over Easter, however, generally speaking, the weather is supposed to be good at Easter time in the UK. The days are getting longer too which means more photo opportunities and just having a Spring feel in the air makes it feel so nice! 

5. There’s a good excuse to eat chocolate - not that we usually need one!

I know we don’t really need an excuse to eat chocolate. Chocolate cake, chocolate canapés, hot chocolate, chocolate cocktails, get as much in there as you can!

 Photography by  Sonya Khegay Photography

Photography by Sonya Khegay Photography

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