Will You Be My Best Man?

In most stereotypical and cliché portrayals of wedding planning, men are construed as being entirely uninterested. Concerned only with the spreadsheet staying in the green, The UnBothered Fiancé is only there to moan at paying for hair and make-up ("Can't you do your own? You do it every other day of the year"), shuffle awkwardly around flower consultations ("they all look the same") and complain when you deny him the "only thing" he wanted for this entire day - the rodeo bull. As such, there aren't many wedding bits aimed at men - be it blogs, items, or services.

Well, we know that's simply not true - plenty of grooms are creative, romantic and hands-on, and love the idea of planning the best party ever with the best partner ever.  That's why you're marrying them, after all. And as the saying goes, behind every good man is a good best man - who, despite what the cliché tries to tell you, wants to help make the day reflect the two of you brilliantly and run as smoothly as possible (Trashy Daytime Wedding TV, we're looking at you. We love you, but you don't do any favours, do you?). 

Asking your best man to support you at your wedding day is a massive deal, which is why we're delving into special ways to mark the occasion. Will You Be My Bridesmaid? Proposals have become massive news recently - so step aside, bride tribes, it's time for the groom crew to shine.

A Bow Tie from Dick Beau

They say pictures speak a thousand words but this one well and truly does. If you and your best man are dapper chaps, why not gift him the bow tie he'd wear on the day to ask him? Dick Beau makes dickie bows out of any and every fabric, from the sublime and stylish to the ridiculous and wonderful. It'll be a great way to build excitement for the wedding, an excellent keepsake from a fabulous day, and also an amazing way to show him why you've picked him, if you choose a fabric that encapsulates your relationship (like the Homer one above. SenSATIONAL.)

Will You Be My Wing Man? Card from QuaintlyKate

For the groom who's just winging it...so, you've levelled up. You've gone a stage higher in adulthood. If you want your wingman to become your best man, this is the perfect card to ask him - a great throwback to the golden old times and memories of sticky dance floors and dripping club ceilings forever more...

Personalised Embroidered Handkerchief from Extra Special Touch

Let's not lie, we know your speech is going to be exceptional. And you don't want to leave your best man looking like a blubbery mess, do you? Whether he's going to be crying with tears of laughter or emotionally sobbing his heart out, a personalised handkerchief embroidered with your very own message to him will go down a treat. Write a heartfelt ditty, or just a supportive phrase - sometimes a simple "Let's do this" with the date works a treat!


Bike Notebook Set by LoveLi

Speaking of speeches, why not get your best man-to-be a notebook to start the prep for his? Whether you've known him forever or he's a relatively new kid on the block, you've already got a lifetime of memories with him I'm sure - so he's going to need more than a couple of weeks to pick out the best ones. Keeping all of his inspiration in one place means that come drunken devotion or sober sincerity, he'll have everything he needs to make the world's best best man speech.

Liberty Print Tie by CatkinJane

It's a classic, just like your friendship with your best man. He's got two jobs on the day: to fix up and look sharp, and this goes well on the way to both of them. Classic Liberty Prints are used in these handcrafted ties, and bespoke pocket squares and cufflinks can be ordered to match on requested.

Will You Be My Best Man? Card from Loveli

Straight to the point. For the more laid-back grooms with a penchant for good design, this bold black and white design from Loveli is a fab way to ask your best mate to upgrade to best man. It can also read "Will you be my Usher?" so that no one feels like they're missing out. Hopefully they'll open it and say uh...sure! (This joke only really works if you read it out loud, but once you've had to explain a joke it stops being funny, doesn't it? I'll work on it for next time.)

There you are, men. Girls might just wanna have fun, but men wanna have fun-ny witty cards based around their wedding decisions too, and we totally get that. Savour the moment you ask your best man to be your best man - and best of luck for the future! 

August 08, 2017 by andsotoshop Admin

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