And so to Shop Has Launched

Hello, it’s here! And so to Shop is live! We’re so excited to have you here at the end of what has been a very long journey and the start of a brand new adventure.

The And so to Empire was founded by Louise Daniel in 2014, owner of her own handmade business, who went looking for a targeted platform to sell her wares. After approaching various huge bridal blogs, she felt that her business would be lost in amongst all the other suppliers featured on these sites and that they weren’t specifically tailored to support small hand-makers. She therefore decided to set up her own blog, And so to Wed, to promote independent, wedding businesses. At the heart of And so to Wed are the suppliers and wedding couples. Louise believed that if she could help suppliers to grow and nurture their businesses, they would in turn create unique, beautiful and tailored items/services for brides and grooms to be. And so to Wed has helped hundreds of independent businesses to grow, providing them with a platform to showcase their wares, social media coverage to share their creations and an online community providing them with the space, companionship, knowledge and opportunities to thrive. Not long after, And so to Family and And so to Style were created, bringing lots of exciting new independent businesses into the And so to Community. And so to Wed, And so to Family and And so to Style grew, featuring a blog and online Directory. But we felt that something was missing – the ability for people to shop the handmade looks we were sharing on our Blogs, quickly, easily and safely. In June 2017, And so to Shop was launched, bringing shoppers the ability to shop from a variety of creative and talented artisans, as well as being inspired by our style driven Blogs.

We now have a team of 11 staff and numerous Partners, all of whom are passionate about the And so to brand and ethos.

If you would like to apply to sell on And so to Shop, please click here.

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