Abbi Olivia Designs

Unique painted, printed and illustrated designs for you and your home.

Welcome to Abbi Olivia Designs!!

My designs are representative of my interests, I like to focus on topics that are important to me and subjects I find fascinating like nature.

EVERYTHING is hand painted by me. I love doing this as it makes everything I create personal and unique to every individual that buys from me. The main reason I paint instead of print is to limit my environmental impact, by painting it reduced the manufacturing process of all my items because I just need to basic item and I do the rest. This means no more machinery, factories or harmful chemical inks. I have made the switch to organic cotton tees that are ethically made and sustainable! My packaging is also 100% recyclable or reused! Being kind to the Earth is so so important to me and is therefore at the forefront of my brand, unfortunately this isn’t the case for a lot of the big brands so yes my stuff might be more expensive than a fast fashion brand but now you know why! ❤️

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