Akito Avalanche

Specialising in creating simple but elegant wedding hangers and bespoke labels.

My philosophy, every wedding dress deserves a beautiful hanger.

Hi I'm Catherine, welcome to Akito Avalanche Wedding Hangers. 

I was inspired to create Akito Avalanche have long loved the whole aesthetic of weddings.  On my own wedding day I was struck by the irony that the most beautiful dress I would ever wear was hung on a bulky plastic hanger.  I wanted that iconic hanger shot showcasing the dress in all its glory in those serene moments before all the wonderful craziness of your big day begins.

I created a selection of beautiful wedding hangers, focusing on keeping the design simple and elegant so as not to detract from the Wedding Gown.

I use high quality materials and embellishments and endeavour to source materials from local companies in Yorkshire and if not Yorkshire, the UK.

I die-cut by hand all my own labels, hand sew and make my hangers to he highest standard.

The name of my business I like to think is totally unique and a little unusual, it is named after two of the roses in my own wedding bouquet, Akito (pure white) and Sweet Avalanche (pale pink).


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