Amorphous Soaps

UK based handmade artisan soaps and luxury skincare. Always plastic free or reduced plastic and palm free. 

Helping you reduce plastic waste whilst still feeling pampered with quality products.

I started making soap and other cosmetics as an attempt to cut down on my plastic waste and switch to a more natural life. As a scientist, the process of making soap came to me very easily and I started to experiment with it. I started giving soap to friends and family and after great feedback I thought I would make this into a small part-time business and see how it goes!

I am passionate about plastic free packaging, so where possible I use recycled cardboard or paper. If you are also passionate about a plastic free life, then soap is perfect for you!

I source my ingredients from reputable sources within the UK, with the exception of my olive oil which is special. It comes from my family's olive harvest in Corfu, Greece and is completely organic and unrefined. I never use palm oil or animal fat in my soap; the only non-vegan ingredients I use are honey and perhaps in the future I will consider goat milk!

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