Astral Tides

? I make jesmonite jewellery and homeware inspired by our curious cosmos ✨

Hi, I’m Charlie the gal behind Astral Tides.  I love space so it evidently became the inspiration behind the whole brand.  From planet pendants to solar system trinket tiles and Saturn shaped trinket trays, the colours and shapes all stem from my curiosity about the universe we live in, and I want to share that through what I make. I started the brand during lockdown, having a creative outlet was important for me to not only use my creative skills but to help my mental health during a time that was tough for everyone.


Creativity, curiosity and sustainability are at the heart of all of my pieces, I like to explore the capabilities of the materials I work with. I try to push the boundaries and come up with new making techniques (and ultimately exciting new pieces!) whilst always being mindful of any environmental impact my work may have.


All of my pieces are crafted by myself in the Astral Tides studio from Jesmonite. It was important for me to use a versatile material that would allow me to create lasting pieces whilst being eco-conscious. Jesmonite was perfect!  It is an eco-resin concrete which is much more sustainable than traditional resins, it is water-based and VOC free (no harmful gases released, bonus points!) and pieces are made to last!  All of my pieces are sanded to a lovely smooth stone feel and sealed to a satin like finish. 


All pieces are made in small batches to ensure high quality and to avoid wasting materials.  Inevitably through the making process there will be leftover jesmonite or pieces that have gone wrong (mistakes happen!) but all of this is saved and used in other projects to create exciting one off pieces that can go to new homes rather than landfill!


All packaging is recyclable recycled and sourced sustainability where possible.


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