Bea & Bloom

Hello! I'm Emma, the designer & illustrator behind Bea & Bloom, a creative design studio established in 2016.


I live in Kent with my husband, Jamie, and our beautiful Cocker Spaniel pup, Lola. You’ll find me in my plant filled studio in the attic of our house, often drawing more plants, or creating brand designs and social media graphic for my lovely clients.

My Story


I’ve loved being creative for as long as I could hold a pencil, and my hobbies growing up always involved drawing or making something. When I was 8, I wrote in an All About Me book that I wanted to be an illustrator when I grew up. Of course, over the years that followed that plan changed more than a dozen times (including a brief few months where I considered law!) but after a Diploma in Art & Design at College, I went on to study Illustration at Southampton Solent University (where I also met my husband!) and I’ve been working as a freelance designer & illustrator since I graduated in 2014.

A few of my favourite things…

House Plants - My house (and sketchbook) is full of them, and I’m gradually learning how to keep them alive!

Flavoured Lattes - Especially gingerbread. These should definitely be available all year and not just at Christmas

Italian Food- I’d quite happily eat pizza & pasta every day of the week

Markets - I love wandering round markets and finding a few little trinkets to take home. A yearly tradition on my birthday is to head to London and wander round our favourite markets (including the Record Market at Spitalfields, and the food stalls in Borough Market)

Quaint Villages - One of our favourite trips was our 1st wedding anniversary weekend in the Cotswolds

Stationery - This one is pretty obvious, but I can never get enough pens, notebooks and desk planners! (Even though I’ve been doing 90% of my illustrations on the iPad for over a year now…!)

My husband - My favourite person & best friend

Lola - Our beautiful Cocker Spaniel pup. Her responsibilities at Bea & Bloom include bringing me a toy at 5pm to remind me to stop working! She spends the rest of her day snoozing on the bed and asking for cuddles.

Beabea - Our playful, cuddly family Westie. She lives with my parents (we got her before I left home for uni, and she stayed with them!) but regularly comes for sleepovers here with us!

I’d love to know more about you!

Get in touch and tell me something about yourself.

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