Bibbilyboo bibs were created to rid you of dribble dramas! Our bibs feature ultra absorbency, complete waterproofing, a lie flat shape to prevent chafing of the chin, adjustable sizing to grow with your baby; all amounting to a huge reduction in bibs a day, saving endless washing and clothes changes!! Put one on, sit back and enjoy watching your little one have fun without any interruptions!

Our story

Created by mum of two Katie, the idea of a waterproof bib came after failing to find a product on the market that met their needs of keeping a very dribbly baby, dry. Katie bought a sewing machine and after many trials and extensive fabric research, the BibbilyBoo waterproof bib was born.

Katie is passionate about quality and style, so her bibs come with the promise that they are composed of child friendly fabrics and that she will always endeavour to help you dress your baby in style. If you have to cover up a beautiful outfit, it should be with a beautiful bib!


Why we are different

Our bibs block dribble from passing through to clothing and are absorbent enough to last the day for most babies. They are also eco-conscious and efficient, saving you money in the long run by reducing the quantity you need and the amount of washing you do.

Both of Katie's children were heavy dribblers, something that they came to discover was common but not well catered for in the baby product market.  Having no experience in sewing, Katie bought a sewing machine and put her NHS Research skills to good use and searched for a solution. The waterproof fabric that makes the bibs so special is not only a waterproof barrier, but breathable and soft unlike crinkly plastic.


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