Bramble & Olive

Original art inspired by nature

Bramble & Olive celebrates nature through art.

‘If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere’ ~ Vincent Van Gogh

Nature is at the heart of everything I create at Bramble & Olive. Offering quirky greeting cards to commissioned paintings, my aim is to bring nature and its beautiful wildness inside.

A lover of all things natural, I am Olivia, an artist based in Surrey. Bramble & Olive combines my love of being outside, the beauty that surrounds us and my passion for the arts and creating things.

I believe we are happier when we are connected to nature. I never feel more alive than when I feel the spray of the crashing waves of the Norfolk coast on my face, see leaves gently falling from autumn trees or listen to the mellow buzz of bees in the summer.

Each piece I create, whether a landscape painting or botanical notecard, is lovingly hand painted, designed, and packaged by me in my little studio in Surrey. Creating art inspired by nature means I am committed to being kind to the environment however I can, including using locally and sustainably sourced materials, recycled paper and plastic free packaging.

Art is a true passion for me, and if I can provoke as much pleasure from my work as I get out of creating it, then I can go to sleep an even happier lady.

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