Catlogix Jewellery

Hypoallergenic Jewellery from Titanium. Featuring Titanium Earrings, Fine Pearls and Titanium Wedding Bands

Hi! I started making titanium jewellery after the difficulty of finding a present for my wife and family members. They, like 15% of people are allergic to some metals. 
I found most information online rubbish, often with miss-selling and mixed messages. Its a real minefield.
Here you wont find that I only use inert bio-compatible metals. Mainly titanium.
No surgical stainless steel (contains nickel), no titanium steel (a Chinese term for stainless steel) and no nickel/copper alloys.

My aim is to provide something really special with complete peace of mind. No worries about any allergies.

The second thing is I love pearls, you can get great ones and bad ones. I've spent some time sourcing great pearls, and have been lucky enough to compare them from many countries. Currently I have some great high lustre freshwater pearls. The shape on these is amazing, perfectly round with a fantastic colour, I'm proud to stock them.

Hope you find something you love!

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