Cherish - a superb collection of unusual gifts perfect for celebrations.

Cherish - unique gifts from around the world.

Dream Guardians - A delightful collection of hand knitted soft toys from Vietnam empowering Women and peoples with disabilities into work and financial independance. Each hand knitted item is lovingly hand knitted and personalised with vintage linen ribbon. There are a collection of 6 characters with stories for each one as a playful guardian to support children, Check out the characters and look out for Karo the guardian of speed!

Elephant Parade - A social enterprise supporting and donating 20% of net profits to Elephant conservation. Originally created to raise funds and awareness for Mosha a baby elephant who had her leg blown off by a land mine. Elephant Parade was set up to raise fund by comissioning artists and celebreties to creat a piece of art that decorated a large Elephant statue. These were then auctioned raising money for the Elephants. Mosha had the first ever prosthetic leg made for an elephant.

Replica elephants are now hand painted in Thailand as numbered limited editions to continue to raise funds for Elepant conservation. The prince & Princess of Wales (Kate & William) hand painted one of the staues whilst the parade was on tour in India, and Prince Charles & Camilla also have painted a statue and supported the Elephant conservation.

Philippi - A unique collection of Home, interior and celebration gifts. The statement pieces are unusual and creat a focal point to any room. Each piece is designed in Germany and are fantastic for celebrating a special occasion.


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