Clarity Blend Aromatherapy

Home to Clarity Blend Aromatherapy, offering vegan & cruelty-free body, bath, and home aromatherapy products, hand-crafted in Berkshire. All our products are formulated using the highest quality, 100% natural and pure essential oils free from fragrances, parabens, sulphates, phthalates, SLSs and other nasties.

Hello, I'm Veronika and I'm delighted to welcome you to our aromatherapy oasis! 

As a lover of the great outdoors and a big believer in the healing power of nature, we are on a mission to help you live happier and more balanced lives by harnessing the transformative properties of plants in your self-care routines. I've been passionate about foraging, drying, and mixing ingredients since I was a little child, and in 2020 I've finally plucked up the courage to share my passion with the world and Clarity Blend Aromatherapy was born.

Our goal is to spread the joy and magic of aromatherapy and help sprinkle joy and positivity by curating gorgeous, natural scents in beautiful, personalised hampers. Besides wellness hampers, we offer a range of unique formulations for your body, bath, and home. Enjoy!

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