Cocktails By Candlelight

Shake cocktails ? Make candles ?️ Light a Spark ✨ A unique star-crossed experience.

Our boredom-busting kits contains everything you need to shake up four star-crossed cocktails, before channeling your inner zodiac and & learning to make your own deliciously scented coconut wax candles.


Taking inspiration from the stars, pick one of our 12 deliciously-scented candles to make at home - each one playfully inspired by the personality types of the zodiac- and using only fully vegan, cruelty-free ingredients.


Match your candle to your vibes, to your star signs,  or just whichever one speaks to you across the cosmos. 


All of our cosmic cocktails come in double helpings,  so you get to prepare 4 rocking drinks at home. Vegan, long-lasting, and expertly crafted, you'll also get fresh lemons and limes for perfectly balanced freshness. No chemicals here, pal.


Your candle making kit will be delivered direct to your door. Tell your mate, plan a date, or just find the right night in your busy lockdown schedule to make a mess in the kitchen.

We’ll send you a video how-to for perfecting your star-crossed cocktails at home, and a fiery Spotify playlist of hot hits and classic slow burners to set the mood and get the stars aligned.   

All that's left to do is buy the ice! 


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