Cry It Out

Hand-painted, hand-embroidered clothing.

Cry It Out is an independent clothing brand, combining hand-painting with hand-embroidery for fun, unique apparel that usually doesn't take itself too seriously! All your beautiful orders are made with love and care by Madeleine.

I started embroidering around 2018 - but with a day job and other commitments, I couldn't go absolutely ham with it until the pandemic, after discovering the absolute magic of fabric paints. A million-and-one ideas for shirts battling in my head, I realised I could combine the two methods to create some truly one-of-a-kind designs.

I work as designer, maker, social media manager and order packager, so items may take slightly longer dependent on the busy times. But I love to interact with folks so please tag us and show off all your new goodies on instagram, and get in contact if there's anything you need to know! (or any extremely important cat pictures I must see)

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