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Hi! I'm Julieta, a graphic designer, illustrator, and mum to a 2 year old little girl. Welcome to Design and Tea, my independent design studio based in South East London (named after my absolute two favourite things). 



Inspired by my daughter and wanting her to grow up surrounded by positivity, I created a collection of fun colourful art prints, with inspiring and empowering messages. The prints bring together the joy of colour and the strength of a positive message, one that both little and big people can be inspired by and develop into.



I designed the prints into colour collections to make it easy for you to mix and match them to create a gallery wall to go with your home decor – you'll be sure the prints will look good together without being samey.



The idea behind the prints is that children can develop into them. First by recognising and naming shapes and colours, then letters, later on they will be able to read the phrases all by themselves and with our help, understand the meaning of the messages and how they apply to them.


For adults, the prints work as brilliant motivational reminders to have around the home or office, or as part or a gallery wall. Who doesn't need a little reminder such as 'Don't be afraid to be you'?


Please have a look, I hope you like my work! :)



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