Evan & Arrows

We pride ourselves in making useful gifts that are unique with a fun Design. 

Hi there, Hi, Hello?!


So thought we would introduce ourselves, we are a Husband and Wife team, I'm Leyann I'm the one who has the design's pop into my head, I'm also the one who takes the pics for our website and the one saying "hi" on our Instagram page!


Ben (Husband) does all the technical bits, he also makes the designs come to life not only on screen but he also prints our designs on our lovely products on site at our home in Somerset.


He has been printing mugs since November 2014. Since then his designs have developed and I have had more input on the creative side of things.

Our original business has been selling well online, and we thought we would look at a fresh new approach with more fun designs for people to give as part of gift packages using products that are recyclable and reusable to the ones who they love, so this is where Evan and Arrows was born.


Our name came about when we were playing with ideas, Evan was the name of my Grandad and Arrows as we have 3 boys all flying in different directions most of the time, but they bring fun and chaos into our lives!


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