Established in 2020 by Suzie Ford, we produce sustainable and ethical products. All of our items are handmade in the UK and designed with zero-waste living in mind.

Our aim
Our aim is to increase access to, and choice in, responsible products. This is not to increase overall product consumption, but to change the way that we think about the fashion industry.

Suzie is a self-taught dressmaker with a passion for making responsible choices in fashion more available. After she completed a PhD in Evolutionary Biology at the University of Oxford, Suzie started ford&guy in 2020 with her husband to provide sustainable and ethical handmade products.

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Our process

For every item that we make, we ensure that we:

  • source sustainable fabrics. This means that we use renewable materials and organic processes. Because of this, our products minimise waste and avoid pollution. 
  • support high ethical standards for employees in the manufacturing process.
  • use dyes and processes that are environmentally friendly and minimise waste.
  • re-use all fabric scraps where possible. We sort them into ‘small’ and ‘tiny’ and use the small bits for small pattern pieces such as pockets and small products such as face scrubbies (make-up remover pads) and hair scrunchies. In addition to this, we use the tiny bits to fill cushions or as part of jewellery or art.
  • design clothes that are comfortable, soft and let you breathe. Moreover, we strive for timeless designs so that they are easy to wear with other items.”

A great resource on sustainable fashion is the Fashion Revolution. This organisation provides information on what to consider when choosing where and what to buy.


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