Grizzli Bear

Every mum (and dad) should have a Grizzli Bear pouch with them at all times. Making nappy changing a doddle, these fun, modern and beautiful zip pouches will make all this adulting a breeze!

Having your 1st, 2nd, 3rd (or more if you are brave) little bundle of joy is beyond amazing but it’s also a big leap to go from being you to being Mum (or dad) and it’s a transition that never really ends. It can be the best, most exhilarating and every now and again the most overwhelming time of your life. That is why I created GrizzliBear, to inject a little more fun, style and organisation in to what can be a rather unorganised whirl wind.

My handmade zip pouches help mums (and dads) pack the important stuff and make sure it’s easy to access. We have all lost the dummy or nappy in the “big bag” and just couldn’t find it when baby really needed it. With my zip pouches you will have what your little one needs when he/she needs it. They are perfect for long trips, days out or spontaneous walks in the park. Hand made and designed by me and my team of little helpers in north London.

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