Hainmade UK

Hainmade UK is a handmade brand creating comfy and stylish clothing for children up to 5 years old.

Established in 2017, Hainmade UK is a small UK based brand creating luxury handmade clothing for newborn babies up to 5 years old.After finding out my husband and I were expecting a boy, I couldn’t wait to start shopping.

Firstly looking at clothes, i noticed there was so much choice for girls and very little for boys that stood out from the crowd, which is what inspired me to start Hainmade UK, since I first wrote this little section I became a mum to a beautiful little girl too, so naturally I now have a lot of girly options too :)I came up with the name Hainmade UK because i love a play on words, and as everything i sell is handmade by myself in the UK and my surname is Hain - I've had a few people ask me so I thought id leave it here too.My clothing is made out of high quality, soft stretch fabric featuring stylish fun prints.

Each item is lovingly handmade with the utmost care and attention to detail.As a mother to little ones, I understand the importance of comfortable, stylish yet durable clothing that are easy to maintain, therefore all of our clothing is machine washable.

Every order received is cut by me and sewn by myself or my lovely seamstress.

Terri x

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