Holchester Designs

Holchester Designs is a Surface Pattern and Graphic Design studio based in Oxfordshire.  Headed up by me, Rachel, I try to put my love of colour and pattern into pieces that can create vibrant little corners of your home or workspace. 

And when I say I love colour and pattern, I mean I LOVE it.

I love how colours can make us feel and the energy that they can give us, and I love how enchanting and mesmerising patterns can be.  Not to mention how absorbing and mesmerising making patterns can be!

All my products are designed and made here in the UK with a dedication to recycled materials and packaging. 

Holchester Designs is a Surface Pattern and Graphic Design studio based in Oxfordshire headed up by me, Rachel, with all our products being designed and made here in the UK.

I really do love colour, pattern and drawing and when I realised my life didn’t have enough of those things in it I decided it was time for a change.  Informed by my experiences, motivated by passions I’ve discovered along the way and energised by the freedom to add ALL the colour and ALL the pattern to my everyday life I hope that my patterns and designs give others that sense of energy and, at the very least, raise a smile.

I believe you should leave as small a mark as possible on the planet. I believe you don’t have to be a big business to make a big impact. I believe that once you find your thing you should tell everyone else cause I bet you’ll find someone else who likes it too.

I also drink a lot of coffee, think peanut butter on toast is a slice of heaven and that you can never have too many handbags/accessories or too much stationery.

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