Little Rose

from old to new...


Kids clothing lovingly created from second hand fabric


0-4 years

Making clothes out of old clothes is something that I have always done since I had my little girl. I then started making clothes as gifts and from there Little Rose Clothing was born.
I was shocked to read that in the UK alone we send 13 million items of clothing to landfill every week and I knew that I wanted to do my small part to stop some of that happening and so I will strive to use as much of an item of clothing that I can and remake it into another piece of clothing that is unique as your child.
Every item is handmade by myself at my dining room table around being a full time mummy.
As a mum to a cloth nappy bottom who loves to climb I sometimes struggled with high street leggings fitting over our nappies without them pulling and often ending up with holes in the seams so I decided to add an extra panel at the crotch of each garment to allow for those extra bulky nappies I love and also to allow a bit more freedom of movement without the pull on the seams of standard leggings.
Everything is stitched with black thread so that I am not wasting thread by trying to colour match to the fabric and seams are finished on an over-locker to provide a secure stitch, as we all know how much stretching and pulling these kids can put their clothes through!

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