Lizzy Chambers

I create British botanical jewellery and keepsakes.

Hello my name is Lizzy and I am the creator and designer behind Lizzy Chambers. I have a passion for colour and growing beautiful natural things.  I am excited that I have created a beautiful botanical range that encapsulates this in glass jewellery. With a hint of nostalgia and fairy tales added for that magical feeling.

Growing up in rural Leicestershire my love of nature grew and spending time with my family whom grew their own vegetables and were, and still are, super handy with their hands.


I grow some of the beautiful petals that are featured in my jewellery and I work with a group of small British farms who add to the amazing mix of petals that are now available within my collection.


I am inspired by nature and nostalgic items which hold stories and help recall memories, making elegant keepsakes for you to treasure and keep. Each piece being a unique item just for you.


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