Lottie Lane

Lottie Lane is a textile and homeware business based in Leicestershire, in the United Kingdom (U.K). Featuring bright and playful designs that are hand drawn with minimal use of technology, our products are 100% original and authentic.

Eco-conscious: The planet is important to us. Our products are sourced in the UK and created using methods that are as eco-friendly as possible including printing on organic cotton and using water-based inks. Every order is hand packaged using recyclable materials and biodegradable alternatives to plastic.


About Lottie Lane Hi, I’m Lottie. I live in Loughborough (Leicestershire), with my husband (Rob) and our two children. I am so excited to be able to introduce you to Lottie Lane Designs which has been a dream of mine for my whole life.

Lottie Lane was born out of an absolute love for design and all things creative. Art and design are my passion, bringing me so much joy and purpose. Making things for others makes me so happy and I want this feeling of happiness to be shared with other people as they enjoy my products in their homes.

My motivation behind Lottie Lane is not to have the money to build a swimming pool in my garden (as lovely as that would be!), but the drive is to be able to do what I love every day and to use it to support the causes that I believe in.

Creating and designing has helped me through some difficult times with Atopic Eczema, Asthma, Dyslexia and multiple allergies, including through periods of hospitalisation as I was growing up. Big dream I know, but I want to use the platform of Lottie Lane to raise awareness about all of these conditions. Very little has changed over the years, particularly with regards to Eczema treatments and I want to be able to help so that one day there may be a cure. I also feel really strongly about giving people with Dyslexia the chance to live their dreams and to continue to change how society views people with Dyslexia.

I found the ‘academic subjects’ very challenging and not enjoyable. Art gave me the opportunity to strive and thrive and grow in confidence. We really need to embrace the differences between people which I can see in my own family. Everyone has different talents and so much to offer.

I am very aware of the privileged upbringing that I have had, and it is so important to me that I can play a small part in creating a fairer world for all where people can live their dreams. I hope that Lottie Lane can inspire others and one of my aims is to employ people whose lives can really be changed through a second chance, even if that’s only one or two people, wouldn’t that be incredible!

I trained in Printed Textiles at Loughborough University and I have been a freelance designer for most of my career, working on a wide range of projects including producing interior artwork (up to 4 metres length) for show homes, large scale murals, wedding stationery and events, producing bespoke designs for charities, businesses and local government, through to selling designs for fashion and children’s wear to major brands. My designs are inspired by my family and friends and our amazing natural world.

Launching Lottie Lane in late 2019 has given me the incredible opportunity to be able to share my collection with you.

My designs are intended to be bright, playful, fun and energising. All designs are hand drawn with minimal use of technology to ensure a real focus on original and authentic design.

Eco-conscious products sourced in the UK: Lottie Lane products are sourced and created in the U.K using methods that are as eco-friendly as possible, including on organic fabrics using water-based inks. Our packaging is made from either re-used or recycled cardboard and we use biodegradable alternatives to plastic packaging.

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