Lucy Langham Design

Hey, I'm Lucy! I create hand embroidered, sustainable sweatshirts and t-shirts you won't find on the high street.

I found that the clothes on the high street were often samey, with no opportunity for personalisation and individuality. So, I started to create a small collection of sustainable, hand embroidered t-shirts inspired by everything from local woodlands and roadside flowers to starry evenings and star signs.

All my t-shirts and sweatshirts are designed and hand embroidered by myself, and there’s lots of options for personalisation to make them even more special. I hope you love them as much as I do!

Making sure my tees and sweatshirts are having a positive impact on the world is also really important, so sustainability is key to how I do things. All t-shirts are certified 100% organic cotton and sourced from a company who create them using renewable energy, and who are also part of the Fair Wear Foundation to ensure fair working conditions.

My packaging is 100% recyclable and all my products are gift wrapped as standard.

Have something specific in mind? I also take on bespoke projects, so just let me know!

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