mi + my

made by us for you + yours. all things minimalist and monochrome.

Hello! We are mi + my (pronounced me and my). We are a husband and wife duo, Emi and Amy based in the heart of the Leicestershire countryside. As Fine Art Graduates, we have always had a real passion for making, and decided to turn something we are truly passionate about into a creative venture.

We are devoted to developing minimalist, products reflecting our personal love for all things monochrome for you and yours-  that’s big people and little ones. With the modern family at the heart of everything we do, we are keen to create unique products that bring an element of fun, whether that is within the home or to wear, handmade and finished with the upmost care and attention.

Since becoming parents to our little girl Eliza, we have found that she has brought an abundance of inspiration to our creativity and she is often the reason certain products have come to life. 

All of our work is designed by us, and each and every piece is hand finished. Our wooden decor range is all cut by hand in our at-home workshop; from our skinny mountains to our Teepee Shelf, meaning that every piece of mi + my is completely individual. Our entire home collection has been created to compliment one another beautifully. The minimalist and nordic-inspired feel to each item can be layered and added to over time, helping you to create that perfect shelf or furniture accessory display, in the family living space, a bedroom or a nursery. 

Our collection of mi + my monochrome t-shirts and sweatshirts have all been thoughtfully designed, to give the whole family the opportunity to wear something that’s not only fun but functional for the everyday or that special occasion. As well as our staple designs, we also love to give our lovely customers the chance to create something more personal; with our personalised range, which are perfect for celebrating a birthday, a new baby or simply a doodle that deserves treasuring in a way that can make everyone proud.

All of our t-shirts and sweatshirts have been carefully sourced ensuring they are of the highest quality. Each is made to order and hand pressed by us; in a world of mass production this element of our brand is something we truly value and hope our customers do too.

We believe that the range of mi + my products we have considerately developed for you and yours, at home and to wear, are something that everyone in the modern family will love.

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