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Having worked in the fashion industry as a high street accessories designer and buyer for over thirteen years, I had become disillusioned by mass production and cheap 'throwaway' jewellery. My dream was to be able to hand make my own quality designs. So at the beginning of 2020 I booked myself on to an introductory silversmith course with the London Jewellery School. I loved it so much, that I continued to learn online and make jewellery at home. Myleti was then born in May 2020 and I left the fast paced London world, to move to a small village in the Northamptonshire countryside and work full time on my own small handmade business. 

'Myleti' means 'To love' in Lithuanian. I wanted to incorporate part of my heritage in to my brand (my Grandad on my Dad's side of the family was Lithuanian) and 'to love' seemed to be the perfect fit.  - Jewellery that you will gift to the ones you love.

Being as eco friendly as possible is really important to me. I have chosen to work with as much recycled eco silver as I possibly can and I work a lot with silver clay. Silver clay is made from fine silver that is recycled from a range of sources, so is extremely sustainable. I also ensure that any gemstones and beads I buy are ethically sourced from only good quality small independent British businesses. All of my packaging is also recycled or recyclable. No plastics are used at all.

As Myleti jewellery is handmade by myself, each piece has had a lot of care and love put in to it and does not have that 'mass produced' perfect look, but this is what makes it feel organic and completely unique with it's own character. Also buying from handmade and sustainable brands, means you are helping to make a positive change in the fashion industry.

To see my full collection, please visit me over at and follow my journey on Instagram @myleti_jewellery

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