oki.dough.ki provide fun, sensory play dough to inspire play and enhance imaginative development. 

Sensory play dough specialist, oki.dough.ki offer a range of themed play dough kits that are guaranteed to be a hit with children and parents!


The company pride themselves in supplying super soft, natural play dough, which is free of any nasties and vegan friendly. They have introduced themed play dough kits to inspire children to play. Their fun and vibrant packaging combined with a range of awesome themes have been a huge hit with customers. 


“I was really impressed with the sensory quality of the dough. Visually, they are stimulating to look at; the colours, sparkles etc. The smell is a fantastic feature; the downstairs of our house smelt like we'd had candles on! This is great for young children as it stimulates multiple senses at once.” Elisabeth Williams @littlecupofmum


Their latest products to be launched on And so to Shop is their range of ‘Grab Bags’. These easy to store zip bags are packed full of interactive sensory play. Each bag contains 3 pots of their scented play dough and a range of play accessories. 



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