Otter & Moose

Otter & Moose love designing gift boxes to make your heart flutter!  We specialise in curated gift boxes for all occasions, filled with beautiful, handmade items from carefully chosen British suppliers. 

After 25 years as a Chartered Accountant, I decided it was about time for a change!  I’ve always loved matching the perfect present to the perfect person, and I’ve always loved a little Christmas magic.  Otter and Moose is my attempt to combine the two.

No one forgets the excitement you felt as a child on Christmas morning, stocking filled to the brim with all sorts of little treasures. My goal for Otter and Moose is to spread this excitement throughout the year and to share it with everyone, young or old. I started off by selling a few Christmas Eve boxes, and the concept grew from there.

As a small company I am committed, where possible, to sourcing products from other small UK suppliers.  I’ve also tried to include organic items, especially in my Get Well gift boxes, or at the very least products with the best ingredients I can find. Whether your gift box is for a new baby, a birthday or a friend in need, I can’t wait to share the fun of present giving with you!

Carrie x

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