Paper Town

Paper Town Children's Craft Kits make getting creative with the kids easy and fun. Everything is prepped for you so you can skip passed all the faff and get straight to the making.

Everyone loves the idea of kids crafts don’t they? How many times have you had an afternoon free with the kids and thought “we should do some crafts today.”? It always seems like a great idea doesn’t it. Quality time together and a chance to get creative and make something really fun. But then, what will you make? When will you get the craft supplies? And do you really need the other 98 goggly eyes in the packet?

But don’t worry because Paper Town is here to help. We make kids crafts easy and fun. Paper Town provides the inspiration and all the crafting bits and bobs you need. All you need is the enthusiasm, keen kids and maybe a bit of glue or sticky tape.

All craft kits include detailed written instructions with pictures to guide you through. Plus, if you still get stuck, there are helpful video tutorials on our website. We always encourage adults to get involved to help the children and have fun.

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