A UK based luxury Egyptian cotton sock brand! Express your Persona!

All of our socks come hand wrapped in our signature Persona boxes so they are perfect as a gift to yourself or someone special.


At Persona, we believe that you live your best life when you are able to express who you truly are. So our mission is to allow you to do just that, by providing the most premium quality for everyday prices - that's why all of our socks are made from premium Egyptian cotton.

Our socks come hand wrapped in our signature Persona boxes, so that the experience from opening our socks to wearing them is truly memorable. So why not give yourself or someone special the most unique sock experience they will have - it'll be so socksessful!


Egyptian cotton is a luxury material, due to how it is made. Egyptian cotton is hand picked, meaning that its fibres are longer than those of regular cotton. Longer fibres means that Egyptian cotton is more durable, lasts longer and lets more air pass through the material, leaving it feeling lighter. All of this means that Egyptian cotton is also much softer than regular cotton, so soft it feels like you are walking on a cloud! 

So treat your feet and try a pair of Egyptian cotton socks because we're sure you won't be disappointed.


As we said above, we think that true happiness comes from expressing the core of who you are, so how do you go about doing that?! Well the clothes you where a direct expression of your personality, so why not start with the socks?! 

Each of our designs has been carefully created so that you have the tools you need to express who you are - so check out our designs and see all the beautiful colours and patterns we have in store.


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