pickle + belle

pickle and belle was born from my love of being creative and the desire to make the world a better place.   


all products are from my own designs and I find inspiration everywhere.  I can't remember when I didn't create - from knitting to cross stitch to crochet and always sewing.  life has thrown a few curve balls at me and creativity has always been something that i've turned to to keep me going, hence why i use the hashtag #creativitykeepsmesane on instagram.

my current inspirations are threefold - firstly colourful reading products to encourage adults  to read for the good of their mental health, particularly parents who are constantly told how important it is to read to their kids (which it is!) but its so important for us too!!  Secondly, eco friendly products and showing how we can reuse fabric to make useful items and thirdly just wanting to add a bit of colour and fun to peoples homes with fabric, felt and embroidery wall art hoops  

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