Pitanga Studio

Beautifully hand made items with the loveliest fabrics for you and your children

Hello! We are Pitanga Studio! Me - Bruna, my mum Suely and my daughter Sibel who basically runs the show as our helper, new product tester, distraction, time suction machine 


We love making beautiful things with beautiful fabrics 




How it all started...

It all started with our Pillow Buddies, who were born in mum’s sunny living room in the south of Brazil. Her grandchildren loved their pillow buddies and carried them wherever they went, nursery, school, birthday parties, holidays, and even karate practice! 


In no time all their friends wanted one and mum started making more so they could all have a Pillow Buddy for their adventures. 



Mum then moved to the UK and we started making them here for friends and after being encouraged by everyone, we set up Pitanga Studio shop so more children could have a Pillow Buddy. 



We then ended up falling in love with the world of fabrics and prints (very easy to get obsessed and buy all the gorgeous fabrics out there!) and started making beautiful things with beautiful fabrics. 


We are slowly launching more products these are all made in mum’s little studio (spare room) in London and we post worldwide! 

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