Salt Senara Design

S A L T  S E N A R A  D E S I GN

Salt Senara Design was founded in 2019 with the intention to create a beautifully designed goods without costing the earth. Born in Cornwall, England, our brand focuses on designing goods that will brighten up your homes and bring a little sparkle to your life!

We offer a range of goods from clothing to prints. However, our intention behind all our goods is that they created as environmentally friendly as possible with no exceptions. We strive to be a brand known for our sustainability and respect for our earth.

O U R  P A P E R  D E S I G N S

We love designing beautiful artwork to decorate your homes and be enjoyed by everyone! All of our prints begin life as hand designed paintings or drawings which are then edited digitally and used to create a striking print or a card to brighten up someones day.

Just like our clothing, we source sustainable, eco-friendly materials to create our artwork with and only use the best so that your product is of high quality without a guilty conscience. Where possible we always try to source FSC registered paper.

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