She Sells Shell Smells

Handmade aromatherapy accessories • Ceramic diffusers & wearables • Shell lover • IFPA aromatherapist in the making •


Inhale. Exhale. Thanks so much for stopping by, I’m Katy. My products encourage slow living & support a holistic lifestyle.


I make ceramic diffusers which absorb essential oils & slowly release the scent so that you can benefit from their properties whether you’re sitting at your desk, doing your food shop or settling down to a good nights sleep.


They work really simply, just like lava beads- but much more interesting to look at. The smell will fade over time & I like it that way. They each go on their own journey. Just 1 drop of oil on the ceramic shell is enough for it to be absorbed and slowly release the aroma, lasting a couple of days.

Natural, recycled & mindful products. This is stylish self-care.


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