Small Biz Big Moments

Milestone and Celebration cards for Small Business Owners!

Every moment when you're a small business owner is a big one and it's worth celebrating. 

Small Biz Big Moments was born with a mission to help amazing small biz owners, freelancers, indie biz and self employed to celebrate the moments they experience in their journeys. 

It could be launching your website, opening a business bank account, going to a meet up or making a biz buddy. Everything deserves to be celebrated and treasured. 

The cards don't define your journey, your journey is your own but I want to help you celebrate it along the way. 

There are two packs available for Service and Product based businesses and each pack contains 40 cards. 

The key for these cards is the celebrating and helping you create a record of your moments to always see how far you have come. This is why each card has details on the back for you to complete so you'll never forget how you felt and how you celebrated. 

The cards are printed on 250gsm card and are A6 size.
All cards are designed and printed in the UK. 

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