Spots and Stripes

Elegantly retro, pattern-led brand creating premium cards and notebooks as well as personalised gifts and accessories. Proudly made in England.

Here at Spots and Stripes HQ we are slightly obsessed with spots and stripes and their use in textiles and surface pattern design over the years. We believe they are the building blocks of design, which can be combined in endless combinations to create patterns.

We are inspired by vintage textiles, wallpapers and old school printing techniques. Fuelled with this inspiration, we aim to create our own unique repeat patterns that embody a look that we have self-named retro elegance.

We are proud to be a British brand, hence we have ensured that all our products are locally made in partnership with specialist manufacturers that share our values. Our cards and notebooks are made with environmentally friendly and responsibly sourced paper and are packaged in recyclable or biodegradable packaging. 


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