Strawberri and the Lion


? Let’s make life more colourful⭐️ Unique Polymer Clay Earrings✏️ Illustrations + Cards? Our motto? TREAT YO’SELF! ? 

Strawberri + the Lion started off quite simply with me creating matching clay earrings to my outfits as well as often giving homemade cards and gifts to my loved ones.

With much love, encouragement compliments from family and friends it’s evolved into my very own little slice of the web to sell some of these goodies! 

I’m always crafting away at something whether it’s the things you’ll see in my shop or treats to pop around my home! 

I love all things rainbow, colour, polka dots, flowers, and pottery! 

I’m always open to commissions (as I say I started this matching to my own clothes!)  so don’t be afraid to get in touch and I can easily show you some examples ✌???⭐️

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