Hello My name is Steph..

I live by the sea with my husband and daughter.

I love to crochet all the little things, i hope you like them as much as i do.

Thank you for stopping by


Teaandallthingsrosy was born in 2016, after much procrastination i have taken the plunge to sell my little things (OmG)!

When i was small i used to drag my mum to the bead shop, where i live and spend hours looking and the stuff and hours making earrings and bracelets. I would say its been the past ten years that i have returned to the love of it all through art classes and then crochet classes.

I love crochet i love what you can make from a hook and a ball of wall.

The majority of my items are made from cotton yarn, i do love the colours and the neatness it leaves and everything will be made to order...

Some of the items i sell are my own design and some are taken from patterns, i would state this in the description.

Thank you for visiting my little world.

Steph xx


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